To make sure that your stay will be pleasant!
House rules

Basic rules

Please follow this rules to make your stay as beautiful as it should be!

Accommodation is available from 2PM on the day of arrival until 10AM on the day of departure. On the day of arrival the guests have to give their identification documents (passport or ID) to the owners for the purpose of registration at the Tourist Board. The documents will be returned to them within 15 min.

Smoking is not allowed. You are allowed to smoke on the terrace but please not in the bedroom because of our non-smoking guests.

Pets are not allowed.

Thorough tidying and cleaning of the apartments is carried out after the departure of each guest. The guests are responsible for the cleanness of the apartment during their stay. The owners are not required to clean and tidy up, or to take out the garbage during the whole stay of the clients. For longer stays, the owners will change the bed linen every 7 days. If you need clean towels you can ask for it for no extra charge.

General rules

Not so specific things, but still important. :)

The guests are obliged to take care of their personal things and valuables left in the accommodation. We advise the guests to always close the doors and windows when they go out. The owners will not be responsible in case of any disappearance.

The owners do not have the right to enter in the rented accommodation during the absence of the guests, except to stop damages or a danger occurring in the accommodation.

The contents of the apartment/rooms may only be used by persons who are registered as guests.

For any questions, suggestions, compliments, etc. , you can write us at or tell us in person. We are available to you during your stay for any information and assistance you may need.

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